"Inlay Wizard"

Gary Neff is a real Renaissance Man- he has a AS in Horology (Study of Time) and a BS and MA in Industrial Education & Technology. He has done a lot of tool & die making and moldmaking. He has a Swiss heritage, his ancestors were thrown out of Switzerland for "radical" religious beliefs ( they were Menonites!) . He is a state licensed watchmaker and clockmaker, and owns a jewelry repair shop. Gary works in many mediums, when he began working with Volbrecht Guitars he went from cutting multi-ton Indiana Limestone to delicate shell inlay cutting. He first used a jewelers handsaw to cut the shell, but then built a machine to cut the pieces, which speeded up the process and gave him more control. His first guitar inlay job was a big one - the Wonderland guitar. The caterpillar detail alone consists of 40 pieces! There were over 80 individual pieces in the finished product. He also did the Sycamore tree inlay, and Bob's Guitar, both featured on this website.

You can contact Gary at: (812) 339-1670, or leave a note at the contact page.

The Wonderland Guitar
The Led Zeppelin Guitar®
Emeralds on Kazumarba
The Sycamore Guitar
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